What is a Private Employment Agency?

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For businesses across Canada, searching for and hiring staff that meet their qualifications can be a difficult and time consuming task. That’s why private employment agencies are such a blessing– they streamline the process by connecting you with staff who have the right skill set to fit your expectations. 

Having an employment agency (Scarborough), such as Workker, handle the hiring process can be a game-changer for businesses looking to save time and resources. Instead of reviewing stacks of resumes before conducting a series of interviews, you can depend on Workker to find and screen through applicants that meet your company's expectations, so you can move forward with confidence in each new hire.

What are Private Employment Agencies?

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An employment agency, or employment services as they are often referred to, act as an intermediary between a company and the employees they hire. In essence, they are a way for companies to outsource the hiring process so that they can focus on administration and daily business tasks instead of finding new employees.

For job seekers, agencies provide the benefit of freedom and flexibility when looking for jobs. Through their knowledge networks, employment agencies have exclusive access to employment opportunities that are unpublished or not accessible through regular channels. This provides job seekers with a larger variety of options when considering potential employment opportunities, allowing them greater control over their career paths. 


Why is a Private Employment Agency necessary?

A staffing agency is necessary to help streamline the hiring process for businesses of all sizes. As the middleman, they can instantly fill integral positions, so there is no disruption in the everyday functions of businesses. Whether you own a small business or an industrial warehouse, workers must ensure the supply chain is not disrupted.

Regardless of business size, hiring is not a quick process. All applications must be reviewed, and candidates that match the correct specifications must be interviewed, screened by human resources, and then officially offered a job position. In addition, candidates do not always accept job offers which then forces a company to start all over again.

For companies looking to staff up efficiently and quickly, employment agencies are a great solution. By partnering with employment agencies, employers can focus their efforts on their core business goals as employment agencies take charge of the recruitment process. 

With employment agencies taking control of screening and interviewing potential hires, organizations can rest assured that they will receive only the most qualified applicants to choose from without having to handle all the steps of the recruitment process themselves. This allows employers to save time and money while ensuring they have access to an extensive pool of talent ready to fill positions promptly.

Finding the right employees for a business can be difficult, especially when businesses don't have the time or resources to thoroughly review all candidates. Fortunately, employment agencies are available to help streamline the process of finding qualified staff members and connect employers with ideal job seekers. By keeping a running list of potential applicants, employment agencies can prioritize clients' needs and quickly and efficiently pair them with an employee that fits their requirements. By utilizing employment agencies' services, employers across Canada can find the right personnel they need without having to struggle through a lengthy hiring process.

Differences Between a Private & Professional Employment Agency

Some people confuse public employment services, professional employment agencies and private employment agencies. While each of these three categories offers a job seeker an avenue to find employment, they are not interchangeable. It is the responsibility of the recruiter and employee to know which one is the best choice for them.

As the name denotes, a public employment service is used to help applicants find jobs within the public sector. This usually covers industries that are associated with government jobs. They can be national positions or local offices, but they are usually salary jobs specialized to a specific department.

A professional employment agency usually works on behalf of the individual to help them find short-term or long-term jobs within a highly-specialized profession. Often, they are free to access and associated with a professional organization. Local colleges also frequently offer professional development centers.

Finally, private employment agencies are designed to act as recruitment agencies on behalf of business clients. They are hired by a business to recruit employees in exchange for an agreed-upon commission. Their primary goal is to create contracts with private businesses that need a steady stream of qualified candidates to fill industrial, warehouse and technology jobs. These agencies work with companies in need of temporary, permanent and temp-to-hire employees. These agencies often bridge the gap between unemployment and a steady income for the worker they represent.

Advantages of Working with a Private Employment Agency

Many advantages come with working with a private employment agency for businesses. In addition to simplifying the hiring process, working with an agency speeds up the employment process. If your business needs three new employees, they can be delivered within a day or two, which is virtually unheard of within the private sector. This reduces the role of human resources within your company and frees them to focus on other responsibilities.

Working with an employment agency (Brampton) also offers businesses flexibility in hiring temporary versus permanent positions. Companies that find their employment needs ebb and flow seasonally can use temp staffing solutions to get people when they need them and release people when labour needs are down.

If you are contemplating employment agencies for your company, contact Workker today!

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