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If you’re looking for work using our Scarborough recruitment agency, you won’t waste time scrolling through job ads. And if you’re an employer, we can source and connect you to the workers you need, no matter the scope of the job. Our group of account managers do the heavy lifting for you, pre-vetting candidates and, with our superior Workker technology, matching qualified workers with the right job, right away.
Finding Staff is
a Breeze

With efficiency at the core of our recruitment services, we find qualified professionals as soon as you let us know how many positions you need to be filled, and for which roles. We quickly and efficiently locate potential candidates through our ever-growing database, making sure they possess the right skills and qualifications to start right away.

Quick & Easy
Staff Hiring

Workker works hard, so you don’t have to. Our Scarborough staffing agency lets you choose your potential employees from our list of candidates. Once we’ve found staff that meet your job criteria, we notify them of the vacancy. 

Screening Process

Each worker in our database is vetted prior to suggesting them for job roles. Our Scarborough recruiters conduct thorough interviews with work experience verification.

Staffing Solutions

Our online customer service is always to act! Business demands change, so we will work with you to find the best of our staffing solutions. You always have access to Workker and our fantastic team. Check the results of a request, make new requests, or view applicants from anywhere and anytime.

How you benefit

Benefits for Your Company

Reach new heights in your business with the help of our employment services in Scarborough, Ontario! Workker is your go-to hub for posting jobs and finding the right employees. With flexibility and our internal resources, we deliver results that keep companies running like a Swiss clock. Who could ask for a better team player?

Free Registration 

Scarborough employers have the luxury of registering and posting jobs on Workker for free. You will only be charged once your new employees are on the job. 

Flexible Employment Types 

No successful employment agency worth their salt denies their clients flexibility. And at Workker, that’s what you get! Whether you need employees for a day, week, month, or longer, you can choose the best job type when posting your criteria.

On-Demand Access & Support

Post jobs at any time and browse our database of skilled professionals. Our Scarborough agency lets you focus on more important business matters and needs. And whenever you require personnel or app assistance, we’re there for you!

Quality Candidates 

From general labour to administration, we will provide you with workers that match the qualification level of your criteria. It’s all about narrowing down your choices to the best candidates.


Benefits for Job Seekers

Our employment services in Scarborough, Ontario, help you to connect with companies that offer competitive rates. The Workker app is user-friendly and simplifies the profile creation process with its smart technology. Matching you to a job you’re qualified for saves you the agony of job surfing. So, stop googling job search terms and sign up for a free Workker account!

Get Matched with the Right Scarborough Jobs

You don’t need to worry about remembering a potential employer’s email address or waiting days for a response. Your Workker account is your key to getting matched with suitable jobs. You will be notified when there’s a vacancy. Exciting opportunities await!

Better Pay Rate

Unlike other Scarborough employment agencies, we work with reputable companies that offer competitive rates and recognize your worth. You can easily maximize your earning potential while saving time in the long run.

Let Your Expertise Work for You

We keep things simple so that you won’t find any job or employer bids here. Creating a Workker profile comes with the added benefit of auto-populating your job history as you work different jobs. Self-Marketing just got easier!

24-Hour Connection and Updates 

We pride ourselves on keeping job information up to date, so you know when and where you need to be for your next job.

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About Workker—The Best Scarborough Employment Agency for Industrial Job Placement

Offering Leading Staffing Services for over Three Decades

For over 35 years, Workker has built an extensive database of employers and employees. We have a reputation for helping companies put together a solid workforce and saving everyone time in their job hunt. Across Canada, we assist thousands of people in the industrial sector, delivering results every time.

Convenient Job Searches Across Scarborough, Toronto, and Beyond

The convenient Workker app provides instant access to our database where you will find new and established companies, as well as pre-vetted industrial staff located in your area and across Canada. 

Automated Staff Matching & Real-Time Communication

Be automatically paired with a job through our smart technology and receive job alerts that let you know that you’ve been matched. Communicate with employers in real-time and from any location through our online services.