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Our recruitment agency serves Brampton, Mississauga, and the Greater Toronto Area, providing employers with top talent to fill industry-specific roles, and helping job seekers take advantage of new opportunities as they come up.

All of our candidates are pre-vetted, and our Account Managers only connect job-seekers with the companies that need them if they meet all the criteria and qualifications in the job posting.  With our game-changing app, both job hunters and employers can succeed more easily than ever before. Skip the search for employment agencies in Brampton - get the Workker app and get started right away!
Find Staff

Workker has streamlined the entire process of searching and hiring job hunters. All of the recruitment agency services you need are conveniently available to you in one single app. 

Quick & Easy
Staff Hiring

Our experts identify the best candidates and notify them of your business needs. Certified staff for your industry are hired and ready to move your company forward when you need them. The search for qualified professionals is now easier than ever.

Screening Process

Workker is a recruitment agency that helps you save time by connecting the right new staff member, right away. Our vetting process prevents potential recruit placement complications, as our in-depth interviews and background verifications ensure that each job seeker possesses all the right skills and experience to fill your position before they arrive at the job site.

Online Customer Service Around the Clock

As one of the leading staffing agencies in Brampton, we are always available to listen to your needs and provide the best staffing solutions. Our online experts know that a job description can change at a moments’ notice, so they will arrange for the right individuals to be at your service.

How you benefit

Benefits for Employers

We are the staffing agency Brampton companies need to thrive as they grow. Everything is fast and easy from start to finish.


Employers enjoy free registration and job postings. They aren’t charged until the candidates are hired through our staffing services.

Flexible Service

Our employment agency in Brampton caters to evolving business needs, offering flexibility so your company can choose the right employment type. From short to long-term contracts, candidates can be on-site for a day, a week, or much longer. 

À La Carte Recruitment Services

Post your job description at any time on your expanding database. We’ll take care of the rest. You can focus on your core business while we supply the right candidates for you.

Qualified Candidates

Not all job agencies can handle the task of filling industrial positions. But with Workker, you can find general labourers, truck drivers, and many more skilled professionals whose skills, work history and qualifications have been verified by our experts.


Benefits for Job Seekers

Workker is a hub of job opportunities waiting for you! Sign-up is free and the app is very user-friendly. We do the heavy-lifting by matching you to Brampton, Ontario companies and once you’re placed at a job, your paycheque is directly deposited each week. Stand by for your notifications!

Employment Opportunities

Sign up today and easily find your next job in Brampton, Ontario, or elsewhere in Canada. Workker can match your skill and qualifications to dozens of short-term and long-term jobs that will help your career successfully take off.


Once you’ve been placed with a company, you will be paid weekly by direct deposit. Our database of new and established companies have competitive rates, ensuring that you optimize your earning potential without the hassle of spending hours on a job hunt.

Get More Jobs with a Strong Profile

Create your Workker profile in minutes and your job history auto-fills as you go from job to job, saving you time. Your skills and expertise stand out, so our technology finds and matches you faster. 

Stay Connected

Whether you’re in Brampton or relocated for a job, Workker is always there to help you find your next job.

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About Workker: One of Brampton’s Best Employment Agencies

From Brampton to Richmond Hill to Mississauga and beyond, we are one of the top employment agencies Caandians are raving about!

A Leading Brampton Employment Agency

For over 35 years, we’ve been building a vast network of high-quality employers and experienced industrial professionals, and we continue to work hard every day so that the right people connect.

Job Searches

The convenient Workker app provides instant access to our database where you will find new and established companies, as well as pre-vetted industrial staff located in your area and across Canada. 

Job Searches &
Automated Staff Matching

Clients always have access to our on-demand database, whether they need a new job opportunity or a pre-vetted candidate. The technology behind Workker enables smart matching that results in success for both the worker and the employer. It’s a win-win for everyone!