Why Companies Use Staffing Agencies

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Staffing has always been an issue for companies as the hiring process is often complicated, and filing job openings is not an easy task. However, the modern landscape of the economy makes hiring new employees an even more complex task. Many companies struggle to fill job openings or simply don't have time to deal with failing traditional staffing solutions.

Staffing agencies offer a quick, on-demand solution to staffing issues and are a great way to find qualified candidates with the proper industry market knowledge without doing any of the work. Instead, the staffing companies take care of the screening process so companies can concentrate on business growth and product development instead of staffing.

What is a Staffing Agency?

A staffing agency, also referred to as an employment agency or a staffing firm, is a company that specializes in matching available employees to employers. The goal of an employment agency is to place job seekers in open positions on behalf of companies that need to fill open positions immediately.

To ensure they can immediately fit the needs of the employers who work with them, the staffing agency works hard to constantly engage talent and keep a network of quality employees on their roster. The staffing firm representative will typically interview, screen, check references, and test skill levels to protect their business relationships and ensure they fulfill the needs of their business partner.

Staffing Firms Offer All Types of Workers

One benefit of working with a staffing agency is that they offer all types of workers. Whether you need temporary employees for a short-term project or to replace workers on vacation, or if you are searching for qualified talent that you can eventually hire into your company, a staffing firm can deliver the suitable candidates.

In fact, staffing agencies often help candidates find career opportunities that start as temporary jobs and end with a company hiring employees full-time. This is known as temp to hire roles and is one of the main reasons why companies use staffing agencies because it allows them to screen for permanent employees without any of the usual recruitment process tasks.

Leave Payroll Taxes and Concerns to the Staffing Firm

Another great reason why companies use staffing agencies is that it allows them to outsource their payroll taxes and similar concerns. All temporary staffing agency hires are paid by the staffing agency, not by the company they spend the day working at. This means they are on the staffing agencies' payroll and not the companies.

Cut Out the Need for Overtime Pay

Hiring temporary workers via a temp staffing agency is a great way to avoid paying existing employees overtime throughout a short-term or long-term project boost. Overtime can quickly become costly for a company and result in burnout for existing employees.

Hiring temporary workers to help fill the gap until a project is complete allows a company to scale when necessary and immediately cut back when necessary to avoid redundancies. On demand staffing solutions allow a company to accept more work than their current workforce can support without adding stress to the situation.

Find Qualified Candidates Quickly

A recruitment agency is a great way to find employees quickly if you need workers now and don't have time to wade through responses from job boards or conduct interviews. Working with a staffing agency that hires qualified applicants is a reassuring way to hire employees that need relatively little training without risk. As such, they are the ideal solution to scale up activities in response to local market trends. 

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