Should I Use an Employment Agency?

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Many employers across Canada struggle to find qualified candidates, while job seekers can have trouble finding jobs they can do that pays a decent wage. Both groups waste hours, days, and sometimes weeks or months searching because they’re stuck sifting through irrelevant data. 

Why? They lack the tools needed to narrow down their online search results, and they look in the wrong places to find the right kind of match. Employment portals like Above Hospitality offer a new possibility. 
At Workker, we offer employers and job seekers many benefits because as the intermediary, we have the resources and insider knowledge to help companies and workers connect in ways that make sense for both parties, saving time and money.

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Why Job Seekers and Employers Should Use an Employment Agency

Stop posting on generic job boards and take advantage of a streamlined hiring process by joining a recruitment agency. Looking for temporary workers or a permanent position? An employment agency, like Workker, can satisfy your job hunting and hiring needs.

Gain Vital Information

Employers may not be large companies with experienced individuals who know how to optimize their job postings. For example, if you’re starting up a business, you may be posting jobs through social media and not using the best key terms or hashtags in the description. 

Some employers don’t provide all of the necessary information for job seekers, such as benefits or job status. The right employment agency can assist with job posting creation to ensure the right people see the job posting.

Get Your Money’s Worth

Most recruitment agencies can advise employers and job seekers with their vast knowledge, including salary rates, market trends, career expectations, essential skill sets, and current hiring complexities. The best recruitment agencies have their finger on the pulse, which is incredibly beneficial for inexperienced candidates entering the job market!

Some people think they should pay high-end websites to increase their resume’s visibility, but this is not the case. When job seekers join employment or recruitment agencies, sign up is free because employers cover the costs through markup.

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Save Time

Employment agencies work with employers, so they are in the know of job opportunities that aren’t even in the public domain yet. If job seekers are in the agency’s database, qualified candidates are quickly notified and find work more often.

Public and private employment agencies vet job seekers who join their database. They review the job seeker’s credentials, background, and work experience, saving employers time when they interview potential candidates.

Enjoy Less Risk

Staffing agencies often assume many of the employer’s legal risks, such as verifying that potential candidates have the right credentials and follow labour laws. The agencies are responsible for placing qualified workers in jobs they know how to do. Staffing firms also verify that job hunters in the database have listed the correct job status to improve a higher employee retention rate.

More Flexibility

Since the pandemic, more companies have been hesitant to hire full-time employees. They want to save their money and not waste employees’ time by hiring workers only when they need them. Employment agencies simplify the process by locating permanent, part-time, and temporary employees.

Job hunters can usually modify their online profile in the agency’s database to become more searchable by indicating the job status they want.

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Workker is Not Like Other Employment Agencies

Whether you call us an employment agency, a staffing agency, or a recruitment agency, Workker provides what hiring managers and job seekers need. 

Our recruiters use advanced technology to match suitable employees to jobs, significantly reducing search time. Reap the benefits we listed above and more when you join Workker.

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