How Do I Register with an Employment Agency?

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Employment agencies in Canada, also known as staffing agencies, have similar registration processes. 

Employment agencies have a database of job seekers, and they match them with temporary or permanent jobs they are qualified to do. It’s relatively simple: Employers reach out to this type of agency to fill their job positions, and job seekers try to connect with employers that match their skill set and experience. 

However, when those seeking jobs begin their journey, they have a choice. Reach out to generic, large databases such as Indeed or Monster, or they can focus on employment agencies that cater to industry-specific roles. This is where Workker comes in. 
Whether you’re a business that needs industrial personnel or are an industrial worker searching for your next job, consider signing up with our Workker employment agency. We make registration easy, and best of all, it’s free!

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How Does the Registration Process Work for Employers and Job Seekers?

With the advent of the internet, registration is often much faster and easier, as the process has been (mostly) streamlined. For example, when job seekers upload their resume, the information usually auto populates the agency’s online forms. Additionally, you can conveniently register from any location without travelling to an agency’s office. 

However, we all know the pain of uploading your CV, only to find you’re also required to input each of the items in your resume into the agency form. It’s redundant, annoying, and a huge waste of time. 

On the other hand, employment agencies like Workker have an online registration form for basic information that both job seekers and employers can fill out. The form will request contact information and a profile username and password. Once they’ve registered, job seekers will be verified. 

After filling out their profile by answering a short questionnaire to identify their availability, ideal rate of pay,experience, and the types of jobs they want, job seekers are ready to go! No more duplicate forms. Instead, Workker will notify you whenever there is a match, saving you time.

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Appointments & Interviews

If an employer needs more information, they will use the contact information provided to them at registration to communicate with you. Job seekers will be contacted by the recruiters to set up an interview. Since COVID-19, job seekers will most likely have an interview online, but a phone call is also possible.

Job Seeker Skills Assessment Tests

At Workker, our interviews are in-depth. Our team reviews working experience and credentials pertinent to the industry you want to work in. We also have candidates take several skills tests to evaluate their level of expertise, such as how well they can use various software programs. 


An employment agency never charges job seekers for services. The employment agency handpicks candidates for employers, sends the job opportunity to the candidates who will decide if they want to accept, and then waits to hear back from the employer if they need other candidates. Only employers are charged, and only once they have hired the candidates. 

With Workker, job seekers gain the advantage of receiving their pay cheque by direct deposit, no need to deal with the company directly, especially for short term or contract jobs. 

Workker—One of the Best Employment Agencies in Canada

From B.C. to Saskatchewan to Ontario and beyond, Workker brings suitable job seekers and companies together to meet industry-specific requirements. 

Thanks to our in-depth interviews, we ensure that the job seekers who join our network have the essential qualifications to successfully complete any job and stay with a business for as long as possible. Employee retention is one of our priorities. 

Book a demo today, or sign up to find industrial jobs!

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