What To Say When Calling Employment Agency Representatives

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Whether it is your first time setting out on a job search or have been employed for a long time, it is normal and natural to have lots of questions about what to say when calling an employment agency. As a job seeker, these tips and tricks will come in handy when you look for work through an employment agency. 

For job seekers, an employment agency provides a valuable service by streamlining the job search and application process. It is always best to do thorough research before signing up with an agency to understand the value that it has to offer. A good employment agency will answer any questions that you may have and point you in the right direction.

Research Different Employment Agencies

If you have explored the options and searched thoroughly before calling an employment agency, your preparation will help you appear professional. Always familiarize yourself with their process by doing a bit of research in your free time. Jot down a list of questions that come to mind. 

Think of the employment opportunities that you would like to consider before you sign up with any agency, always do your homework. Many industries cater towards assisting its clients with specific jobs and as a worker it is suggested that you contact those which fit your niche. 

Finding Your Ideal Job Position 

Whenever you are calling an employment agency, remember that first impressions go a long way. So, be sure to introduce yourself in a polite and professional manner, along with a brief description of yourself as a worker, your work experience, and let it be known what kind of positions and company culture interest you. Let them know that you are keen and are willing to give your hundred percent effort and commitment.

Give them examples of the jobs that fit your niche. Provide them with as many details as possible. Arrange all the basic things required beforehand that you would like to discuss. The agencies guide you with different job openings that fit in your category. 

Stay Focused on Your Goal

Whenever you are registering for the agency, it is best to keep in mind a few things. They help you search for jobs the easy way, however you must provide them with the career options that you are willing to seek. The agencies surely help with the recruitment process and can work better for you and with you, if you provide them with all the relevant resources.

Inquire About the Process

Whenever you are getting in touch with the agency, it is preferred to be conscious of the enrollment agenda and the specific jobs that they cater towards. An agency helps you to connect with the companies based on your skills and the conversation that you had with them in the first place. 

Prepare Your Documents

Regardless of the type of job you want to apply for, there are certain documentary requirements that all applicants must fulfill. 

To start any application process, you will need government-issued identification that displays your legal name, address and date of birth, such as a Canadian passport or driver’s license, as this type of information is required to complete a variety of necessary forms and applications, such as Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WISB) and other health and safety documents. 

After your identification, the next document to prepare is your job resume (aka CV). It should clearly list your relevant work experience from the last few years, as well as your education, training and certifications. 

Between your resume and identification, you will have all the information you need to complete applications at your fingertips. 

Answer Questions Directly

A strong candidate makes a lasting impression by being specific and answering questions honestly and directly. Be well prepared and answer any questions that the agency might have. Provide them with as many examples you can so that they understand your needs. 

If you are feeling nervous, practice the conversation that you would like to have beforehand. An applicant who is calm and collected is much more likely to make a good impression and get the specific job they want. 

Calling an Employment Agency as an Employer

For employers, the conversation with a staffing agency is much different than those for job seekers. Employers will have a certain set of expectations in mind, which is to find qualified candidates as quickly as possible. Employment agencies such as Workker, help companies fill in-demand roles by providing them with pre-approved job seekers that match their criteria. 

As a hiring manager or recruiter who is responsible for hiring new talent for your company, you would be constantly looking for recruiting people to fulfill different positions. Unlike other agencies, Workker provides free registration and job postings for employers. Employers only have to pay once they have successfully hired people for their companies. The agency also helps with reference check and makes sure that the candidates undergo an extensive screening process. It gathers information for you and screens hundreds of potential candidates to make the hiring process as smooth and efficient as possible. 

From Applying to Employed!

Like you, many other applicants are actively seeking job opportunities, so get in touch with Workker today! 

For job seekers, Workker makes it easy to find roles that align with your skills, and simplifies your job search. If you are looking for work, Workker can help save you the hassle of applying for job after job and help you join the ranks of the employed faster than you ever thought possible. 

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