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Temp Agency - Victoria, BC

Workker is an industry-leading temp agency in Victoria, British Columbia that supports businesses by providing them with pre-vetted candidates to fill in-demand job openings. We understand the difficulty and time investment involved in finding and hiring qualified candidates for hard-to-fill positions, which is why we strive to provide a streamlined staffing solution.
Simplified HR Functions

When staffing requirements grow, it can be difficult to manage the recruitment process and ensure that you are able to find the right individuals for each position. Luckily, our staffing services are here to help! Simply let us know exactly how many people you need, and what they will be doing, and we will take care of the rest.

Fast Placement

Our team takes the time to thoroughly explore each candidate and their individual skills which guarantees that we match applicants with positions that suit their unique abilities. After finding a great match, we notify them of your business needs and enable you to fill any empty spots in no time. 

Pre-Vetted Candidates

Our recruiters take the utmost care when identifying candidates that meet our demanding criteria. With each prospective hire, they carry out a thorough interviewing process to verify their work experience and qualifications. 

Responsive Staffing Service

Our goal is to be an agile partner so that you can always count on us in times of need. With a continuously updated database of potential candidates, you don’t have to worry about staying on top of the market. Our online services make it easy to make staffing requests or view applicants any time, from anywhere.  

How you benefit

Benefits for Your Company

As staffing experts, we are committed to providing a positive experience to our clients in and around Victoria, BC. With our extensive network of qualified applicants and state-of-the-art search process, we make it simple and easy for businesses to quickly find the talent they need to reach their goals.

Free to Register

Employers in Victoria are in luck - with Workker, employers have one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise their open jobs. Both registration and posting jobs on the platform come at no cost for employers, meaning employers can save both time and money when advertising on our dynamic job site. 

From Short-Term Temporary to Long-Term

With staffing solutions for contracts of any length, we have what you need, when you need it. We help fill staffing gaps effectively so that your business can continue running without disruption. 

On-Demand Staffing

Posting job openings on Workker gives you immediate access to a huge pool of qualified job seekers and takes away the hassle of manually viewing, sorting, and evaluating all job applications. With this efficient and powerful job searching platform, you can quickly browse through a selection of job seekers who meet your criteria and connect with them instantly. 

Quality Candidates 

We understand that for a business, finding the candidates that not only have the necessary qualifications and eligibility requirements, but also have an excellent work ethic and experience can make or break any potential outcome from hiring them. That's why we strive to provide you with candidates who match your job posting exactly.


Benefits for Job Seekers

At our recruitment agency, we are consistently finding great job opportunities for workers in Victoria. We make the process easy and convenient - simply register for free, complete your profile and you will get access to different employment opportunities at companies that need your skills straight away. 

Employment Opportunities in Victoria

Having access to job postings tailored to your skill set and experience level is invaluable in the job search process. With a Workker account, you can have peace of mind that job notifications delivered to your inbox are catered specifically to your talents.

Focus on Earning

As earning potential is a priority for everyone, our network of new and established companies provides the solution. With highly competitive rates, you can be sure that you are maximizing what you can earn, without compromising on time spent searching for jobs and earning opportunities. 

Showcase Your Expertise

Creating a Workker profile makes applying for jobs in different industries much simpler. Your experience is automatically documented, saving you from the time it would take to build and market your experience yourself. Workker takes the hassle and stress out of marketing yourself so that you can focus on getting connected with the right job opportunities.

Always Informed

Workker keeps you ahead of the game by providing reliable information on every job. Not only will you know exactly where to go and who to connect with, but you can rest assured that all information is up-to-date and accurate so there's no need to worry about being uninformed.

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About Workker - The Temp Agency Victoria, B.C.

A Leader in Staffing

Thanks to decades of experience in the industrial sector across Canada, we have built a vast network of high-quality employers and experienced industrial staff.

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Our convenient app provides on-demand access to our database of pre-vetted industrial staff that makes filling vacancies easier than ever before.

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Thanks to automated “smart” worker matching, you can connect with candidates in real-time and enjoy direct communication from anywhere.

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