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Temp Agency - Vancouver, British Columbia

Our contract staffing agency provides employers across Vancouver, BC with a selection of pre-vetted candidates to help them find the right people for in-demand jobs. 

Our account managers carefully handpick professionals with the talent and qualifications companies need to fill specific industrial roles.

How you benefit

Benefits for Your Organization

‍We focus on industrial jobs to provide a one-stop-shop for all your personnel needs. 

We help organizations reach their potential by taking away the hassle of searching for new hires, so they can focus their internal resources on delivering quality products and services. 

Free Registration 

It’s free for employers to register and post jobs. Your company will not be charged until you find and hire new employees through Workker. 

Flexible Employment Types 

Workker provides flexibility by letting you choose the employment type that suits your business goals. Whether you need workers for a day, a month, or more, we can fulfill short or long-term contracts and occasional work requirements. 

Online & On-Demand Staffing Services

You get instant access to a large and growing database of job seekers who have been vetted for experience, skills and eligibility. Post your job at any time and let us do the heavy lifting to find the right people. Workker lets you focus on your daily operations, saving valuable time and effort for where it is most needed.  

Quality Candidates 

All workers go through an extensive screening process and will only appear in match results if they meet the exact requirements of your job posting. Ranging from general labour jobs to welding jobs to forklift operator and machine operator positions, we only suggest qualified candidates.

Finding Staff, Simplified

We believe that staffing agencies should make temporary staffing solutions as seamless and efficient as possible, which is why we handle so much office administration related to searching for (and screening) potential candidates. If your company needs to add personnel, all you need to do is let us know how many you need, and what you need them for - we’ll take care of the rest.
Our huge database of job seekers allows us to locate employees that meet your criteria quickly, which greatly improves the overall efficiency of the hiring process. This way, we can make sure they have all the right skills and experience to hit the ground running on Day 1.

Find Staff Quickly

When you need staff, we identify the top talent that matches your job criteria and notify them of your business needs. With Workker as your staffing agency, your business gets to choose from quality candidates within your field, and they can be available as soon as you need them. The search for new staff has never been this easy.

Responsive Online Service

We understand that the staffing needs of companies can change quickly, so we’re always ready to respond to new demands. Our staffing services are always accessible online, so you’re always plugged into the job market. Check the results of a request, make new requests or view applicants from anywhere, anytime you want.

Thorough Screening Process

Unlike certain recruitment agencies, Workker will only suggest candidates to fill job openings once their professional qualities have been thoroughly vetted. For each proposed candidate, our recruiters carry out a detailed interview to verify their work experience and qualifications.

Benefits for Job Seekers

For workers, our recruitment agency is free to join and easy to use! We connect you with companies that need your skills. Once your job search is successful, your pay gets directly deposited to your account every week. Navigating the job market has never been this simple. 

Find the Right Vancouver, BC Jobs Quickly and Easily 

Your Workker account will help you find a job that matches your skill and experience level. Sign up today to begin receiving notifications about the latest jobs in Vancouver, BC. 

Make More Money, Waste Less Time 

At Workker, we specialize in filling industrial roles, so our network will help you find employers that need your skills. Our network of new and established companies in the Vancouver, BC area offer competitive rates, so you can be sure that you are maximizing your earning potential while saving time searching for jobs. 

Leverage Your Expertise

Once you create your Workker profile, your job history builds automatically, so you never have to worry about updating your resume. Workker lets your skills and experience speak for themselves. 

Stay Informed & Connected 

With Workker, you always have accurate, up-to-date information about your position. You’ll always know where to go and who to contact on every job.

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About Workker - The Staffing Agency Vancouver Chooses for Industrial Job Placements

A Leader in Staffing Services in Vancouver, BC

Thanks to over 35 years of experience in the industrial sector in Canada, we have built a vast network of high-quality employers and experienced industrial staff in and around Vancouver, BC.

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Our clients get online, on-demand access to our database of pre-vetted industrial staff through a convenient app that makes filling vacancies easier than ever before.

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Thanks to automated “smart” worker matching, you can connect with professionals in real-time and enjoy direct communication from any location.

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