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At Workker, we offer comprehensive recruitment services to help employers in Montreal, Quebec find qualified candidates for a wide variety of light industrial roles. Offering pre-vetted candidates with the skills and qualifications needed to step in and make a difference, our staffing agency simplifies the hiring process.
Simplify Your

Finding the right employees can be a time-consuming and expensive process that can sometimes take weeks or even months. However, there is a way to find your next hire without going through all of that hassle. By our online platform, you can connect with qualified candidates in just a few clicks.

Accelerate The Hiring Process

We set ourselves apart from other employment agencies by connecting employers with pre-vetted candidates that are ready to make a positive contribution to your team. We take the time to get to know both employers and job seekers, so that we can make the best possible match. 

Effective Screening Procedures

Thanks to our effective screening process, we provide Montreal employers with an extensive database of pre-screened candidates. We carefully review each candidate's resume and qualifications to ensure they are a good fit for the job, and we only recommend candidates who we believe will be a valuable asset to your team.


With our online portal, you get 24/7 access to check the status of a request or review candidates. No matter how quickly your staffing needs might change, Workker is there to help speed along the hiring process. 

How You Benefit

Benefits for Your Company

As a one-stop-shop for all your light industrial staffing needs in the Montreal area, Workker offers a simplified staffing solution that allows you to find the right people for in-demand roles, so you can focus your internal resources where they are needed. 

Registration is Free!

For Montreal employers, it’s free to register and post job opening through Workker. We won’t charge you a thing until you fill your next job opening with one of our candidates. 


Unlike filling a permanent position, our services give you the flexibility to hire as many staff as you need, for as long as you need. If you need a temporary worker for a week or a full team of staff for months, we can fulfill contracts of any length. 

Your On-Demand Recruiter

We provide instant access to our database of pre-vetted job seekers, so you can find the right staff any time you want. With our support, you can focus on your core business, take some pressure off your human resources department and leave all the recruiting to us. 

Pre-Vetted Candidates

Through our in-depth screening and interview process, we verify that any candidate we propose will meet your requirements.


Benefits For Montreal Job Seekers

With our staffing agency, Montreal job seekers are provided with opportunities to help find their ideal job based on their skills and qualifications. Get job alerts delivered right to your inbox and save some time and energy during your job search. 

Find Job Opportunities in Montreal

When you sign up with Workker, you will start receiving notification for jobs in the Montreal area that match your skills and experience. Forget looking high and low for your next job. With Workker, we bring the job to you. 

Less Time Searching, More Time Earning

We pride ourselves on partnering with great companies that provide competitive rates for all positions. Leverage the power of staffing agencies to spend less time looking for your dream job and more time earning. 

Highlight Your Skills & Experience

Your Workker profile updates itself automatically with each job you take. This way, employers always get an up-to-date look at your skills and experience. This lets your work history speak for you, so you don’t have to worry about marketing yourself. 

Stay Informed & Connected

With Workker, you will always know exactly where you’re going and who to contact on every job because we make sure always have accurate, up-to-date information about the companies you’ll be working for.

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Instantly get on-demand access to our database of pre-vetted industrial job seekers who have just the experience, qualifications and availability you're looking for in your new hire.

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An easy application process and automated “smart” worker matching means you can connect with staff in real-time and enjoy direct communication.