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At Workker, we offer Southwestern Ontario and Hamilton employers with the employment services they need to grow their business. Thanks to our screening process, and advanced technology, you can fill your job vacancies with pre-vetted candidates that perfectly fit the job, without going through a tedious recruitment process.
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With efficiency being one of the core beliefs of our Hamilton staffing agency, we prioritize helping you find your ideal staff in a professional and timely manner. Our process is simple: we find eligible candidates based on your unique requirements, verify their qualifications, interview them and provide you with the best candidates to fill your job vacancies.

A Quick And Easy Hiring Process

Speed up the hiring process and get connected with your ideal candidate in no time. Unlike other temp agencies, we provide you with a list of pre-vetted candidates that match your job description. Now, you can skip the verification process and preliminary interviews, while still finding the right people to fill your job openings.

Our Proven Screening Process

Thanks to our extensive screening process, you can get a list of carefully handpicked candidates who have the qualifications and skills your open job positions require. We verify qualifications and conduct rigorous interviews before submitting candidates.

Staffing Solutions That Work

When you've got no time to lose, you need an employment agency that works around the clock to respond to your requests and demands. The Workker portal is accessible 24/7, so you can check status requests, search for new candidates, or view applicants from anywhere at any time.

How You Benefit

Benefits for Your Company

Building your dream team of qualified workers is easy when you've got Workker to help with all your staff recruitment needs. Recruit quality workers to fit your industrial job openings without wasting time searching through CVs and scheduling interviews.

Free Registration

Sign up today for free and get access to potential employees that fit your requirements. You don’t pay until the candidates we provide are on the job. 

Flexible Employment Types

Are you looking for a part-time, full-time, monthly, weekly, or even day worker to fill your companies permanent and temporary job openings? Look no further because at Workker, we provide employers with an extensive database full of eligible job seekers that cater to your employment needs.

Get The Access And Service You Need

Find the right candidates at any time! With our on-demand, 24/7 accessible platform you can post job vacancies, or browse through the extensive database at a time convenient for you!

Quality Candidates

Companies get access to some of the best candidates on the market, thanks to our extensive screening and interview process. Our smart technology will generate a database full of ideal candidates that match your job description, so you can choose from only the best options.


Benefits for Hamilton Job Seekers

The user-friendly Workker platform is designed to connect employers with ideal candidates in the most efficient way possible. Sign up for free, match in virtually no time and find jobs that work with your schedule.

Light Industrial Jobs in Hamilton

With the Workker App, you get notifications when there's a job vacancy you're eligible for. Based on your experience, qualifications and skills you'll get matched with employers, so you can start building your career today! 

Get Access To Transparent Pay Rates 

Unlike other Hamilton staffing agencies, we provide you with the transparency you need when looking for work. Workker partners up with reputable companies that provide transparency, so you can be sure that your time and effort is well invested. 

Showcase Your Skills & Experience

Take advantage of our smart technology that regularly updates your job history automatically, so you can spend more time finding a job you truly love. Create a Workker profile and let us help you find your ideal industrial sector job.

Stay Informed & Connected

With Workker, you get accurate, up-to-date information about the companies you’ll be working for. You’ll always know exactly where you’re going and who to contact for every job.

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With over 35 years of experience connecting industrial sector employers and job seekers, we are equipped to deliver a service that saves your time, money and effort.

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Instantly get on-demand access to our database of pre-vetted industrial job seekers who have just the experience, qualifications and availability you're looking for in your new hire.

Staff Matching

An easy application process and automated “smart” worker matching means you can connect with staff in real-time and enjoy direct communication.