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Technology-Driven Employment Agency

Our staffing agency provides employers with a selection of pre-vetted job seekers, helping them get the right candidate for in-demand jobs. Our account managers carefully handpick people with the skills and qualifications employers need to fill industry-specific roles.
Finding Staff,

We make the hiring process as efficient as possible for our customers. If your business needs to add personnel, simply tell us how many and what for. Thanks to our huge database of job seekers, we can quickly find employees with the right skills, talent and drive to make a positive contribution to your team.

Find Staff

With Workker as your staffing services partner, your business will be able to get the right people in place, faster than ever before. We identify job seekers that match your candidate criteria and notify them of your job opening right away. The search for new staff has never been this easy.

Screening Process

When our employment agency suggests people to fill an opening, it’s because they have been extensively screened and vetted to make sure that they are a good fit for the role and your business. For each proposed candidate, we confirm their work experience and qualifications, as well as carry out detailed interviews, to make sure they have the right potential.

Agile & Responsive
Online Service

We understand that the world of business changes quickly, so we’re always ready to respond to new demands. Our staffing services are accessible online, 24/7, so you can check the status of a request, make new requests or view applicants from any location, whenever you want.

How you benefit

Benefits for Your Organization

‍We focus on industrial jobs to provide a one-stop-shop for all your personnel needs. 

We help organizations reach their potential by taking away the hassle of searching for new hires, so they can focus their internal resources on delivering quality products and services. 

Free Registration 

It’s free for employers to register and post jobs. Your company will not be charged until you find and hire new employees through Workker. 

Flexible Employment Types 

Workker provides flexibility by letting you choose the employment type that suits your business goals. Whether you need workers for a day, a month, or more, we can fulfill short or long-term contracts and occasional work requirements. 

Online & On-Demand Staffing Services

You get instant access to a large and growing database of job seekers who have been vetted for experience, skills and eligibility. Post your job at any time and let us do the heavy lifting to find the right people. Workker lets you focus on your daily operations, saving valuable time and effort for where it is most needed.  

Quality Candidates 

All workers go through an extensive screening process and will only appear in match results if they meet the exact requirements of your job posting. Ranging from general labour jobs to welding jobs to forklift operator and machine operator positions, we only suggest qualified candidates.


Benefits for Job Seekers

For workers, our diversified staffing services are easy to use, and it’s free to join! We will connect you with companies that need your skills. Once your job search is successful, you will get paid weekly by direct deposit. It’s that simple. 

Search Jobs Quickly and Easily 

Workker will help you find a job that matches your skill and experience level. Many excellent jobs, and potential career paths await, so sign up today to begin receiving notifications about exciting opportunities. 

Earn More Money & Spend Less Time

Workker lets you make the most of your time. As a staffing agency specialized in industrial positions, you will be able to find jobs that match your skill set faster than ever before. Our large and growing network of clients offers the best range of rates, so, from the moment you start your job, you will be able to maximize your earning potential. 

Leverage Your Skills & Experience

Once you create your Workker profile, your job history builds automatically, so you don’t have to worry about updating your resume. You can focus on your job, knowing that your profile will always be accurate and up-to-date. Workker lets your skills and experience do the talking to help take the stress out of your job search. 

Stay Informed & Connected 

With Workker, you get accurate, up-to-date information about the companies you’ll be working for. You’ll always know exactly where you’re going and who to contact on every job.

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Customer Testimonials

Our clients trust us to take care of all their people management needs. Workker, a TPI company is one one of the largest suppliers of industrial personnel across Canada.

Their professionalism, communication and timely response during the recruitment process is always appreciated.

Clark H.
People and Performance Generalist
Caldic Canada Inc.

They have been a great partner over the past several years. They have supplied us both short-term and long-term quality workers and have been accessible whenever needed. I would recommend their service.

Darren W.
Branch Manager
Direct LP

They have been able to supply us consistent quality short-term and long-term workers for the last several years, often with very short notice. I recommend the team at Workker, they understand our needs and react quickly and professionally to our requests,  

D. Souwand
VP Equipment, Systems & Warehousing
Christie Lites

Trusted by Canada’s top employers

About Workker’s Diversified Staffing Services 

A Leader in Staffing Services in Ontario

Thanks to over 35 years of experience in the industrial sector, we have access to a vast network of high-quality employers and experienced industrial staff.

Efficient Job Search Environment

We offer clients online, on-demand access to a growing database of industrial staff pre-vetted for eligibility, experience and availability.

Automated Staff Matching

An easy application process and automated “smart” worker matching means you can connect with staff in real-time and enjoy direct communication.