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Why trust our Vancouver recruitment agency to handle your job placement needs? With the technology of our Workker app, pre-vetted candidates are matched with employers for temp or permanent jobs, quickly and easily. Our recruitment consultants help you save time by building the best possible crew, moving your company forward and filling positions so you can focus on your core business.
Search for Talent

From construction to transportation, our recruitment services make the hiring process so easy for our clients. Let us know about your business needs and we’ll get the ball rolling.
For 35 years, we’ve been building a large database for employers and job seekers to take advantage of, whether they’re in Vancouver, BC or on the other side of Canada. Potential employees with the right skills and expertise can be located in minutes and get to work as soon as possible.

Find Staff

We review your job criteria, identify candidates, and send them a notification informing them of your company’s needs. Workker procures professional candidates that meet your standards. Spend valuable time on what matters most, not hunting for staff.


After the vetting process, job hunters can go ahead and fill job openings. Each candidate is thoroughly interviewed by our recruitment experts for work experience and qualification verification.

24/7 Online

Staffing needs can change, but we’re available to respond to your requirements. We aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction and matching. Unlike many recruiting agencies, you can access our online services day or night.

How you benefit

Benefits for Your Vancouver, BC Company

One team. One app. One place to get qualified staff for your company in the Vancouver area. Trust Workker to satisfy your staffing needs with streamlined services and top talent. 

Free Registration 

Registration and posting jobs on Workker are free! You’ll only see  a charge once you hire your new employees through the best staffing agency Vancouver has一us!

Employment Type Options 

Need workers for a day, month, or longer? No problem! Workker will match the talent to your evolving business needs, providing flexibility for your convenience.

Access to a Growing Database

Get instant and around-the-clock access to our database of job hunters in Vancouver, BC and beyond! Post jobs at any time and Workker gets down to business behind the scenes. With instant access to a growing database, everything is at your fingertips.

Professional Candidates 

Across BC and Canada, we will find workers and suggest who match the qualification level and eligibility requirements you provide us.


Benefits for Job Seekers

For workers, our recruitment agency is free to join and easy to use! We connect you with companies that need your skills. Once your job search is successful, your pay gets directly deposited to your account every week. The job market has never been this simple. 

Vancouver, BC Job Placement Made Easy 

Whether you want a temporary contract or a full-time position, your Workker account is guaranteed to help you get more jobs that match your skill and experience levels.Don’t wait and sign up today!

Better Wages, Less Time Wasted 

We are one of the few recruiting agencies specialized in logistics, transportation, and other industrial job placement. Our network connects you with employers in Vancouver, BC, allowing you to build your bank, reduce your search time and meet your availability. 

Leverage Your Expertise

Complete your Workker profile and watch it practically write itself with automated job history and outstanding skills.

Stay Informed & Connected 

Our Vancouver recruitment agency keeps all information up to date, from candidate job histories to job descriptions. Workker makes sure that you’re headed to the right location and meet with the right contact person at each job.

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About Worker一The Top of Vancouver, BC Businesses 

Our staffing solutions make job placement so much easier for both workers and employers.

A Staffing Service Leader in Vancouver

Recruitment agencies across Canada have nothing on us! As part of your team, you have access to our database, something we’ve been building since our founding over 35 years ago.

Quick & Convenient Job Searches 

We ensure that jobs are the best fit for each pre-vetted staff worker with the convenience of our app. It matches workers to the appropriate industries and position for an optimal hiring process. 

Staff Matching

The advanced technology of Workker matches and connects Vancouver professionals in real-time with direct communication.