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To find jobs in the Ottawa Industrial sector, trust Workker to make the connection. For employers, our list of pre-vetted job seekers make it easy to find the right candidate for any role in or around our nation's capital, and our easy-to-use technology matches your skills and experience to the Ottawa employer that needs you most!
Find the Right
Staff Today

Employers simply need to tell us how many workers they need, and what skills they require to get the job done. Our database and advanced technology does the rest! We'll make sure they're ready to roll on Day 1.

Fill Positions

By pre-vetting the industrial sector workers in our database and identifying their skill sets, we can connect you with the right full or part time worker right away.

A Screening Process
That Works

Our business only works well if employers can trust us to deliver the quality candidates we promise, which is why our screening process is so thorough. We make sure that the candidate you choose will be a great fit for the role, every time.

Staffing Solutions for
the 21st Century

Business moves quickly today, and so must our service if we want to stay relevant. Accessible online 24/7, you can choose applicants anywhere, anytime. We make sure to adapt to any needs you have right away.

How you benefit

The Value of Workker for Your Company

At Workker, our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for any of your industrial sector needs. By using our technology, you can use our Ottawa employment agency to connect with the right worker, right away. We deliver results, so you can focus on running your business.

Free Registration 

Ottawa employers simply have to register their available jobs, and your organization won't pay a penny until your new employees are on location working for you.

Flexible Employment Types 

Your team may need to expand permanently and quickly, or simply fill a role temporarily. No matter what you need, at Workker, we'll connect you with a qualified hire whether it's for a day or a year!

Staffing Services On-Demand

Finding the right people to integrate into your organization can be difficult, but not with our Ottawa industrial employment solution by your side! Get instant access to our list a top hires without wasting any time.

High-Quality Candidates

Unlike other recruitment agencies and staffing agencies in Ottawa, Workker focuses on the industrial sector. All of our candidates are pre-vetted, and anyone we send your way is guaranteed to match the requirements of your job post.


Benefits for Job Seekers

Job seekers in the industrial sector in Ottawa love using Workker becuase it's easy to use and free to join. With transparent rates, smart technology and a user-friendly design, you can find the right employer, right away. Choose employment that works with your schedule!

Match with the Perfect Ottawa Jobs

Once you've gone through our free and simple sign-up process, you'll have access to the jobs that make the best use of your skills and experience. No other staffing agency makes it this easy to connect with oportunities.

More Money in Your Pocket

Our Ottawa employment agency only works with the most reputable companies, and the transparency of our system makes it easy to see exactly how much you can earn. Match your specialized skills and maximize your earning potential!

Put Your Skills to the Test

Why worry about constantly updating your resume when we can do it for you? Your Workker profile is always accurate and up to date, and any skills and experience you have is always fully visible to employers looking for someone just like you!

Always Connected

All of the information in our Ottawa employment agency is up to date, so you'll always know exactly who is expecting you and where to be.

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About Workker - One of the Best Employment Agencies in Ottawa, Ontario

The Best Ottawa Employment Agency for Industrial Jobs

With 35 years of experience connecting employers and job seekers in the industiral sector, our Ottawa staffing team will save you time, money and effort. We deliver results.

Job Searching
Made Easy

The Workker App gives you instant access, connecting established companies with skilled and experienced workers in Ottawa and beyond.

Smart Technology
Working for You

An easy application process and automated “smart” worker matching means you can connect with staff in real-time and enjoy direct communication.