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Both Montreal companies and Montreal job hunters save time and money with the Workker app. Employers get access to qualified, pre-vetted candidates, and job hunters are effortlessly matched and placed in industry-specific roles at new or established companies that have competitive rates. Other Montreal staffing agencies simply can’t compete.
Qualified Staff in
One Place

Benefit from our fast and effective recruitment services! When your company needs new staff, just let us know how many individuals you need, for which date(s), and the type of experience required. We handle the rest of the work. Our ever-expanding database of professionals and advanced job-matching technology ensures that we identify the best people for your requirements.


Once we’ve located individuals with the right qualifications and experience, we send them a notification about your business needs. The Montreal Workker employment agency is on the ball when it comes to interviewing professionals that add worth to your company. We send them your way as soon as they’re available to get to work. 

Screening for

The hiring process is easy for companies when they use Workker, because most of the hard work is done for them! Our Montreal, QC, recruitment agency vets candidates before they fill job openings to ensure the best results for both the company and worker. Our recruiters work hard to make win-win situations happen every day.

Attentive to
Company Needs

Whether an urgent situation arises or plans have changed, businesses can contact us day or night and we’ll make the necessary adjustments to meet your evolving business needs. Our online staffing services offer a tailored approach to provide optimal HR solutions.

How you benefit

Benefits for Your Company

Workker provides a friendly user experience for your convenience. Our reputation and track record distinguishes us from other Montreal staffing agencies. We are the one-stop-shop for all industrial staffing needs, giving companies in Montreal and across Canada the internal resources to build stronger teams. 

Free Registration 

Montreal employers can register and create job postings for free. There won’t be any charges until you’ve hired the professionals and set them to work.

Flexible Employment Types 

Our Montreal recruiters handle new and changing business demands on a daily basis. Because there are so many types of positions out there, we provide businesses with convenient employment type options. Hire new employees for the summer months, a weekly event, or full-time. We’ve got you covered!

24/7 Recruitment Services

Post any job you want, day or night, and Workker handles the rest by scouring the database for matching individuals in Montreal. From office workers in logistics to general labourers, our team guarantees the best match of top talent.  

Quality Professionals 

Workker’s advanced technology matches viable job hunters in our database to your job listings. These potential candidates range from admin work to workers in the field. We help you find capable professionals that keep your company moving forward.


Benefits for Job Seekers

We help Montreal job hunters find job placement with reputable companies that offer a great working and learning environment, and where your talent is appreciated. By using the Workker app, you’re connected and part of an ever growing database that allows you to find your dream job in a smarter and faster way. And it doesn’t cost you anything to use!

Get Matched with the Right Montreal, QC, Jobs 

No more endless emailing in hopes of an answer. The beauty of a Workker account includes the time-saving notifications sent to you once you’ve been matched with a company’s job postings. Sign up, list your availability, and give it a try!

More Money in Your Pocket

Joining our growing database means that you get instant access to a wide variety of industrial roles with new and established companies that offer competitive rates. With Workker, you are given the keys to maximizing your earning potential and knowing your worth.

Attract Employers with Your Expertise

A Workker profile allows you to shine and be matched with jobs much more easily than if you were to go to other Montreal recruitment agencies. Each client benefits from job history that automatically populates your Workker profile as you go from job to job. We help you cut down on the time spent marketing yourself, so you tend to other matters.

Stay Informed & Connected 

Use Workker to map out a successful career in the industrial field. We provide the most recent information to ensure you find the right job location and contact person.

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A Leader in Montreal, QC HR Solutions

At Workker, we’ve been building up our database of job hunters and companies for over 35 years, providing the best results for both parties. Our smart technology and our knowledgeable recruiters continue to focus on making the experience of each client better and better. 

Speedy Job

Across Montreal, QC, and beyond, our clients have online, on-demand access to our database through our hard-working app. Job placement has never been easier!  

Automated Job Matching with Viable Candidates

Companies and job hunters can connect to Workker in real-time and communicate directly from anywhere in the world with the help of our smart technology.