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The team at Workker provides services for both employers and job seekers in Etobicoke in the industrial sector. Our database of pre-vetted candidates can fill any role that's needed, full or part-time. Our account managers carefully handpick workers with the necessary skills and qualifications so employers are able to focus more on their business, and less on the administrative side of staffing.
Finding the Staff
You Need

Without the right tools, the hiring process can be slow and difficult. Thankfully, Workker's advanced tech matches you with the skilled candidates you need right away. Simply tell us the number of positions you need and the skill sets required. We'll narrow down the choices and provide you with the best options.

Speed Up the
Hiring Process

Our staffing agency in Etobicoke connects companies with the indsutrial sector workers they need by pre-vetting everyone in our database. Simply point and click, and your new worker will show up ready to roll.


Our Etobicoke employment agency only fills our database with extensively screened candidates, so when you choose one you'll know they are a good fit for the role before they arrive. We confirm work experience and qualifications so you don't have to with detailed interviews, saving you time and money.

Adaptive Staffing
Solutions in Etobicoke

To survive in the business landscape today, you need to be able to adapt to changing circumstances quickly. Accessible online 24/7, the Workker App makes it easy to choose qualified applicants anywhere, anytime.

How you benefit

Benefits for Your Company

Our employment services in Etobicoke, Ontario are the go-to hub for posting jobs and finding the right employees. We put a premium on convenience and flexibliity, and deliver results that keep companies fully staffed when it counts.

Free Registration 

Don't pay us a dime until the your new employees have arrived on the job site, ready to roll. Our Etobicoke employement agency's focus is on delivering value.

Flexible Employment Types 

Our extensive database of Etobicoke job seekers help you fill open positions in any circumstance. Full time or part-time, short notice or not, we always connect you with the quality hire that you need.

On-Demand Access & Support

Post jobs or browse our database of skilled professionals any time. Our Etobicoke employment agency makes it convenient to handle your industrial sector personnel needs so you you focus on your core business, and not worry about administrative details. If you require assistance, we’re also always available to help navigate the process

Quality Candidates

Our Etobicoke employment agency will connect you with the labour you need to keep your operations running. Our list of job seekers will match the qualification criteria you set, and you'll always have a choice of the best candidates for the job.


Benefits for Job Seekers

The reason Etobicoke job seekers love using Workker is because is simple to use, free to join, and saves you time. By connecting you with employers in the industrial sector that need your skills, you are not only paid weekly by direct deposit, you can find new work if your needs or schedule changes.

Indsutrial Jobs in Etobicoke

No more emails to employers or waiting for responses. With the Workker App, you are matched directly with suitable job offers based on your skills and experience. You are notified when there’s a vacancy,. Exciting opportunities are only a click away!

Earn Higher Wages With Workker

Unlike other Etobicoke employment agencies, we work with reputable industrial sector companies, ones that offer competitive rates and recognize your worth. Maximize your earning potential, save time, and find the job that's right for you.

Let Your Expertise Shine

We keep things simple so that you won’t find any job or employer bids here. Creating a Workker profile comes with the added benefit of auto-populating your job history as you work different jobs. Self-Marketing just got easier!

Stay Informed & Connected

With Workker, you get accurate, up-to-date information about the companies you’ll be working for. You’ll always know exactly where you’re going and who to contact on every job.

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Workker: The Best Employment Agency in Etobicoke for Industrial Workers

The Best Etobicoke Employment Agency for Industrial Jobs

Thanks to 35 years of experience connecting employers and job seekers in the industiral sector, our Etobicoke staffing team will save you time, money and effort. We deliver results.

Efficient Job
Search Environment

Our on-demand database of pre-vetted industrial staff will have the experience and availability your company needs.

Staff Matching

An easy application process and automated “smart” worker matching means you can connect with staff in real-time and enjoy direct communication with your Etobicoke job seekers at all times.