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Unlike other Edmonton employment agencies, we offer a streamlined hiring process, pre-vetted candidates and advanced job-matching technology. If you’re an employer, the result is a quick and easy connection to the right new staff, right away. 
Finding Staff
Made Easy 

Efficiency and convenience are at the heart of Workker and our employment agency. When you need personnel, notify us of the number of individuals and the types of jobs they will be doing. Our team takes care of the arrangements and notifications.

Locate Staff

By using your job criteria and business needs, we can locate job-matching candidates in our extensive network. Your Edmonton business can choose candidates from our handpicked list, available to you when you need them. Our staffing agency ensures they have the right skills and experience, so they won’t require as much training and can hit the ground running.

Screening Process

Before we place each candidate with a business, our recruiters carry out detailed interviews. No matter the industry, our recruitment agency does an extensive review of network candidates to make sure they have good work experience and meet industry standards. 

24/7 Staffing

Staffing needs can change at the drop of a hat. When that happens, contact our online customer service and we’ll respond to your new demands right away. Online services guarantee around-the-clock access to us, whether you’re in Edmonton, AB, or elsewhere in Canada. You can also track the results of a request and view applicants at any time.

How you benefit

Benefits for Your Company

We maintain our standing as one of the best recruitment agencies in Edmonton by being your hub for all staffing requirements. From registration to recruiting to screening, Workker helps businesses be successful without wasting time on searches for staff. 

Free Registration 

Register and post jobs on Workker for free! You won’t see any charges until you’ve hired new employees and they’re on the job. 

Flexible Employment Types 

Workker and our team provide you with solutions for a wide variety of challenges, including evolving business needs. We offer the flexibility of choosing a suitable employment type. From a temporary job for a week or a seasonal job for several months, you can always find what you need.

Recruitment Services at Your Fingertips

With a database of job seekers that’s always growing, add job postings day or night and Workker takes over. With us at the helm of your job search, you can focus on more important business matters.

Quality Edmonton Job Hunters

Potential candidates who have the matching qualifications for your postings will be offered to you for your selection. From general labour to administration, Workker is a handy tool with the right staffing solutions.


Benefits for Job Seekers

Easy to use and free to join, Edmonton job hunters will find plenty of career opportunities waiting for them! Workker connects you to the right companies based on your skill sets, work experience, and availability. After successfully completing a job, your pay is directly deposited into your account on a weekly basis. 

Find Edmonton Jobs with Ease

No more days of sending emails and follow-ups! Creating a Workker account means you find jobs matching your qualification level more often with less of the hassle. Sign up for free to receive notifications about exciting job opportunities! 

Better Wages without Wasting Time 

Our Edmonton, AB staffing services specialize in industrial roles that help new and established companies in our network move forward with results. Job hunters will have access to competitive rates, save time in their hunt, and be able to maximize their earning potential. 

Your Expertise Speaks for Itself

Worker accounts automatically update your job history, so half the work of finding a job is done for you the more you use Workker. Marketing yourself is much easier as a result. Your skills and experience will attract more job opportunities with less work.

Stay Informed & Connected 

Workker provides up-to-date job information, so you have accurate details whenever and wherever you use the app.

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About Workker—One of the Best Employment Agencies in Edmonton, AB

An Edmonton Leader in Staffing

With over 35 years of experience in the Edmonton, AB, industrial sector, Workker has built a strong network of highly qualified individuals and reliable companies that’s growing every day. 

Quick & Convenient
Job Searches 

Our convenient app simplifies filling job vacancies with instant access to our vast database of pre-vetted professionals.

Automated Staff Matching

Workker’s smart technology of job hunter and job matching connects professionals in real-time with direct worldwide communication. Get started with one of the best recruitment agencies in Edmonton, AB!