Rapid Response Staffing: Meeting Trade Show Deadlines

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Workker, a TPI Company, received an order from our client on Thursday afternoon for 90 staff that were required for a trade show set-up starting on Saturday morning. Upon being presented with this request, the Workker team sprang into action to find qualified staff to dispatch in less than 36 hours.

The order was for 90 staff, split into 45 for the morning shift and 45 for the afternoon shift starting on Saturday and continuing until Tuesday evening. This quick response is crucial in meeting the client's timeline and ensuring their satisfaction.


Key Steps:

Targeted Recruiting:
Leveraging our extensive database of over 35,000 personnel, we were able to utilize our smart-matching technology by entering in the requirements of location, experience, safety testing, and verification in our system. This process then produced 1000 protentional candidates that would be suitable for the work order.

Assessment Process:
Our team of recruiters then narrowed down the list of candidates to a few hundred potential laborers by screening them and conducting phone interviews, double checking resumes for related experience, Social Insurance Number (SIN) cards, and Permanent Resident (PR) documentation. This meticulous process ensures that only qualified and reliable candidates are selected, maintaining our reputation for providing top-notch staff to our clients.

Our branch manager was in constant communication with our client, informing on how many staff we had booked for each shift. This gave our client peace of mind to know we were actively working on the order and filling the roles quickly.

Despite the tight deadline, the Workker team successfully filled the order for both shifts, meeting the client's expectations and demonstrating their efficiency in delivering results under pressure. All 90 hired staff showed up on time and with the required safety shoes for their shift.

Ongoing Support:
To further enhance our client’s satisfaction and build a positive relationship, the Workker Lead Account Manager personally attended the site to meet the staff, take attendance for both shifts and provide them with safety vests, free of charge. We wanted to ensure that both our client and our staff felt supported by our agency, so taking this hands-on-approach is just one of the ways we can go the extra mile for both of them.

Our staff worked efficiently and was able to get the tradeshow set up done under a tight schedule. Our client was pleased that we were able to compete the work order in record time and provide safety conscious and qualified staff to complete the set-up.  

“They didn't just fill our order for 90 workers for the trade show set up; they exceeded our expectations, ensuring that each individual was not only qualified but they also had their branch manager onsite to make sure everyone was outfitted in PPE. We look forward to partnering with them again in the future."

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