How to List Jobs for Staffing Agency on Resume

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Before setting out to find a new job, you need to work on your resume. But knowing you need to work on your resume and knowing the best way to list your past jobs are two very different things. Working with a staffing agency is a great way to find work, it can make listing job duties on a resume challenging.

However, there are viable ways to list the work you did for an employment agency that will make your resume stand out from the crowd. It is no secret that job seekers have to work extra hard to stand out among hundreds of resumes, but with the right resume, you can get a hiring manager to take note of your noteworthy work history.

With that in mind, there are two great ways to arrange temporary work assignments - your task is to decide which will be most beneficial for you. Primarily, you need to decide if you will list each of your temporary positions separately or group your employment history into similar categories and then list multiple assignments under each broad category.

Let's take a closer look at both methods to help you decide which way will make you a more attractive candidate when you work with a staffing agency.

How To List Temporary Jobs on Your Resume: Option 1

If you only have had a few temp jobs, then it is usually a better idea to separately list your positions. You will want to place the word "temp" or "contract-worker" following the job title so that the reader immediately knows why your employment was short-lived.

You also need to decide whether you will list the start and end dates by year or month and year. Generally, if you worked less than 12 months, you should list the temp jobs by month. Whichever way you decide to list your previous temporary job positions, make sure you stay consistent. One of the hallmarks of a solid resume is consistency.

How to List Temporary Jobs on Your Resume: Option 2

If you have worked multiple assignments with one staffing firm, then it may be better to list your temp experience in categories. In this scenario, list the staffing service you were employed under as your employer and then use bullet points describing notable job positions.

Provide a brief job description, along with your relevant skills in each bullet point that highlights your professional abilities. Once again, be sure to emphasize that you are listing contract work on a resume so that potential employers can appreciate the limited temp work experience.

Quantify Your Professional Skills

Throughout your resume, you want to make sure that your key achievements are highlighted and the main duties at all short term jobs are clear. To avoid looking like a job hopper, quantify your experiences in short term positions to show your authority and skills.

For instance, if you took phone calls, don't simply state, "answered calls and took messages." Instead, write " answered two dozen daily calls and recorded messages." While you want to be brief, always provide more detail when it comes to quantifying your responsibilities.

How to Emphasize the Value of Temporary Work Assignments

It is important that potential hiring managers see that you have the potential to shine at work, which is why you must demonstrate in each short blurb how your work experiences make you a qualified applicant.

The diversity of temporary employment jobs offers a great way to show you are capable of being flexible, versatile, and adaptive which is a skill set all employers can appreciate. Make it a point to show how each multiple temp jobs helped you grow.

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