How Much Do Staffing Agencies Charge Employers?

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They say you get what you pay for, but some staffing agencies charge exorbitant fees, or at least it seems that way sometimes. Employers can find themselves scratching their heads at their bill, trying to figure out the math and logic behind the numbers. 

Workker can explain how staffing and recruitment agencies bill employers. You will be able to find the best partner and avoid hidden agency fees. And with these facts in hand, employers can make the most informed choices, partnering with the most reliable staffing agencies, those that provide permanent, contractual, and temporary employees who are worth it. 

What you pay for with money can save weeks or even months of searching for the right worker.

What Are Typical Staffing Agency Fees?

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Most staffing agencies charge between 25% and 100% of the hired employee’s hourly rate. If, for example, the staffing agency charged the employer a 50% markup and the employee will make $10 per hour, the employer will pay the agency the employee’s wage plus 50%, equalling $15 per hour.  

There can also be additional costs for the employer to cover, depending on the agency. This can include separate fees for hiring costs, a contract buyout fee, and even fees if you decide to keep temporary workers on a permanent basis. 

Can You Avoid Recruitment Agency Costs? 

One way for employers to avoid recruitment agency costs is by hiring internally. However, this is a timely process, one that can force you to spend valuable resources on various job boards for a long period of time. In addition, when hiring internally one or more of your internal staff members will also be spending their time (and your money) performing the search and vetting potential employees. They’ll have to:

  • Write out a job description
  • Post the job on various sites
  • Monitor the post’s activity
  • Read emails and review applications
  • Interview candidates
  • Draft and send rejection letters
  • And more

Moreover, it could take weeks or months to find someone who is qualified. If you were to hire a staffing agency, such as Workker, you wouldn’t need to worry about any of this, and could instead focus your energies and resources where they can make the greatest impact.

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Learn More about the Hiring Process at Workker

Our Workker recruiters vet all job seekers who join our expanding network of qualified workers and carriers. We review their qualifications, such as their driver’s licence and work experience. 

Our staffing company uses advanced technology to locate workers that match your hiring needs in less time. After we vet a candidate who meets your job’s criteria, we send out a notification to all of the candidates on our shortlist and they decide if they want the job. 

Don’t go with run-of-the-mill temp agencies! Use Workker instead! 

Sign Up and Gave Qualified Candidates Working for You!

Workker is one of the best staffing companies across Canada. We’ve been connecting carriers with qualified workers for over 35 years with fast and reliable customer service. 

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