Are Employment Agencies Any Good?

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Employment agencies have a bad reputation because some of them provide poor service and step on the toes of the companies they’re supposed to be helping. Using an employment or staffing agency also depends on your budget and hiring goals. Therefore, you may not be getting the value you want because you’re not working with the right employment agency.

5 Signs You Should Use a Different Employment Agency

Workker has gained over three decades-worth of experience in staffing for the industrial sector. As a result, we know what our clientele wants from their agency and how best to provide for them.

Here are a few red flags to watch for when working with an employment agency:

Your Staffing Agent Keeps Changing

When your account keeps changing hands because of frequent turnover, it’s difficult to establish a relationship with your staffing agent. It’s possible that this happens once, maybe twice. But more than that is a bad sign. A frequent change in staffing agents can also lead to mistakes and delays. 

The Agency Blows Their Own Horn Too Loudly 

If an employment agency claims to be an expert in every industry, that’s suspicious. It can be a sign that they are desperate for clients, which could be a warning that there’s a bigger problem within the agency. Another reason could be that the agency is new and doesn’t know how to effectively market themselves.

Employment agencies have their strengths. Specialization is the best way to go because it allows them to be experts in specific industries and provide the best service possible using their experience and knowledge. 

Workker is a great example. We specialize in the industrial sector and provide various types of jobs, including: 

  • General Labor
  • Machine Operation
  • Welding

The best type of agency to work with understands your company’s industry and job roles.

The Agency Doesn’t Understand Your Company

Employment agencies take on many clients. But some agencies don’t do enough research into the companies they serve, or their respective work cultures. This can lead to frustration when they provide candidates who may suit the job position, but not the mission or values of the brand. 

By providing the wrong candidates, they waste your time and money.

Note: This type of thing can naturally occur once or twice, particularly as the agency gets to know the company initially, so it’s important to have some patience early on. However, if the agency has the experience they claim, it should not be a frequent occurrence.

The Agency Doesn’t Really Screen Candidates

Sub-par employment agencies are notorious for claiming they screen applicants when all they do is have a five-minute phone call and send them to the company to fill the job position. The negatives associated with this kind of process become more obvious over time, when it is clear the applicant does not have the required job credentials or skills.

Unfortunately, the only way to know if your agency is doing this is by hiring them and monitoring their results. Who has time for that?

The Agency Doesn’t Provide Transparency

Another source of frustration for many companies is when the agency is hard to get a hold of and doesn’t check in with you about their progress. Their agents may also provide excuses for delays or give vague answers to your inquiries.

If you don’t know what they’re doing or have to chase after them, it’s time to stop the payments and find a new employment agency.

Partner with Workker to Find the Right Staff

Companies get what they pay for and more when they partner with Workker. Our job-matching technology provides accurate and faster results and is combined with our rigorous screening protocols. But don’t take our word for it. 

Book a demo with Workker and see for yourself!

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